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Rightsizing is inevitable, here are some things to ponder

Delayed action results in a greater future action. A slow rate of action will present a greater degree of future risk. When acting slow, it may increase the probability of a larger transformation on the horizon. Seek to iterate constantly. Iteration sits somewhere between minimal action and transformation, and it can help avert a transformation.

All organisations right-size; here are some things to think about.

  • All businesses need to build new capabilities or integrate shadow capabilities into their organisations. “Shadow” is a capability that sits elsewhere in an organisation and is undertaking work a dedicated department should be doing. A very common situation for IT departments to manage.

  • Technical capability does not equal technical currency. What are the requirements for roles today and in the future? How is the required technical currency being built into existing roles?

  • People will be impacted. They have not done anything wrong and are not being dismissed; it is their role that is no longer required. Respect these people, everyone is watching.

  • Ideally right-size every 24 months. Do not assume you will have the luxury of tweaking here and there every six months. This demotivates people and departments.

  • Generally, go deeper than you think. Avoid the temptation of tweaking (deliberately repeated) as this has people walking on eggshells and speculating about when the next round of changes will be.

  • Great work involves debate and disagreement (sometimes with senior leaders), but people are less likely to engage in the debate if they are focusing on survival.

The implications post-redundancy varies and the dip in motivation can be longer than desired. This is if people are treated poorly, given limited information or if there is no compelling sense of meaningful work to progress.


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