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Making Life Happen

April 2024 - Amazon Bestseller

You want to achieve more from life, but you’re not sure how. Making Life Happen is the book to read in your twenties, pick up again to re-focus in your thirties, and re-visit as you seek to re-balance your life in the years beyond.

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Finding A Better Way


The book discusses trends and ideas across four key themes: country, workplace, community and family. The reflections included are based on almost 200 pieces of research, and will make you stop and think. 

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Finding A Better Way by David Banger


I have to say I genuinely loved Finding A Better Way. I loved the way it was structured. I love the perspective of David as a Gen X and Michelle as a Gen Y, and I loved the thought-provoking questions they pose at the end of each chapter.

It has been a long time since I've read something so thought-provoking,  relevant, and timely given the current state of the world and all its challenges. I loved how David and Michelle weaved in their own personal experiences. 

I took so much out of each chapter and appreciated the invitation to challenge traditional thought processes and ways of perceiving our community, career, and family.

Dr Amy Mulholland

Rachael Powell | Chief Customer Officer | XERO

Peggy Stanios | Director



Digital Everyone's Business


If you are serious about evolving your business and growing your people, and you want to understand and be digital, this guide is your foundation. It’s clear, concise and practical with fourteen international executive testimonials.  

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Digital Is Everyone's Business by David Banger


Many senior executives understand the necessity of going digital, but making the transition can seem daunting.

Derek Parker

David, a former CIO and digital executive, an adjunct professor, author and digital business advisor, gives some sound advice.

Digital is Everyone's Business is a testament to the unique, professional journey that Banger has undergone.

John Apotsis

Rama Gaind

In the Black book review
Public Sector News book review

Digital Innovation Within The Construction And Engineering Industry

2022 (e-book)

Written with my industry colleague Richard Stewart (profile here), we analyse and discuss how the construction and engineering industry can evolve to meet the impending disruption.  We explore how organisations can differentiate within project life cycles. Outlining the benefits for the technology and construction / engineering industries with compelling independent research. 

Digital Innovation and Services in Construction and Engineering by David Banger

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