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Coaching/ Executive Mentoring

David helps people increase their motivation, gain greater self-awareness, and develop better decision-making skills.  

There are nuances you may wish to consider ; 

  • A coach knows how to ask the right questions to enable meaningful actions.

  • A mentor shares their experience as it relates to your situation, as they have "been there and done that".

  • Also worth mentioning is counselling. A counsellor is a qualified professional who delves into your life, often focusing on how the past has influenced your choices.


David is a twenty-plus-year Coach and a proven Mentor.  

The nuances of Coaching, Mentoring and Counselling
Executive Mentoring

Mentoring executives who want to improve their influence and the performance of their team.  

Together, we commence by reviewing the business strategy, creating a genuine connection with the team's strategy and the opportunity to deliver greater value. The value will be achieved through assessing the existing and proposed project initiatives, reviewing and optimising operations, understanding how services are provided and options for uplift, and mentoring department leaders.


We will then determine how best to communicate this to the CXO, management and broader organisational communities. The service is focused based upon an initial assessment and an agreed set of objectives.

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Professional Coaching

Achieve greater professional clarity and meaningful actions.

David will facilitate a conversation for you to set clear expectations for your coaching sessions to ensure they are valuable. We will assess where you are now and where you want to be. Gaps are good, and David, as your coach, will safely explore these through questioning to help you identify actions that will close the gaps.

We will endeavour to agree on a tangible set of actions in each session. Some of these should stretch you throughout our sessions but not be ridiculous. Over time, you may be more ambitious with your actions. Initially, simple and sensible actions that build momentum are an excellent place to begin.

David thrives on feedback, and at the end of each session, he will ask; 

  • What has gone well?

  • What needs to be better?

  • What’s not being said?

Your feedback will improve the quality of conversations, deepen the relationship and deliver greater value to you.

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Career Coaching

There are three natural stages of your professional life. You begin with some form of education, which enables you to gain experience, and later in your career, you can harvest this experience.

There are phases within a career, and David will facilitate a process for you to define what is critical at this point and where it could lead. We will also explore what is aspirational. Assessing and selecting the right opportunities is critical. 

How can you weigh up career opportunities?

Consider the MoSCoW method (yes, it is a requirements-gathering framework for software), but it can be applied to career decisions, too. Specifically, when selecting roles, apply ‘MoSCoW’ the acronym for:

  • M – Must have, being the non-negotiables of the role (beyond money)

  • S – Should have, important but not vital at this point of your career

  • C – Could have, desirable and considered as an added bonus 

  • W – Won’t have. You definitely don't want this! 

As you assess opportunities, and this framework may help you determine what will be best for you.

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