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David is an international expert who is available for interviews and expert comments on 2030 Technical Trends and AI for the Enterprise. 

Dividing my life into thirds

It was an innate curiosity to deliver value in a different way which led David Banger to stray from the traditional path of working in senior corporate roles. 


Step by step towards a digital transformation

Digital transformations can be big, imposing and expensive. They can also fail. 


Six steps to stop innovation fumbling in your organisation 

Organisations who are sporadic with their innovation endeavours have seen their innovation muscle waste a little, making the reintroduction awkward, they fumble. 

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Discussing how digital can help innovation and reduce costs - TV

Interview with the legendary Christine Kininmonth from the ABC.


Organisations need to simplify their thinking and language

The terms innovation and disruption are overused and interchanged within organisations, often creating confusion. 


How you can help people realise their potential

Employee expectations are influencing this shift; they want more frequent insightful feedback and less formal traditional performance management meetings.

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Being a CIO

This is a short story. The story of being a CIO in a new industry at a new organisation. This is all about being something somewhere. 

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How you can help people realise their potential

Agile working practices are now standard within many organisations, and management practices are changing and will continue to. 


The five factors to realise your digital potential

Many operate on hunches for their Digital goals while not considering the market, their business model, differentiation, and other aligning factors. 

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Problem hunting in innovation

How can teams premeditate where issues will present themselves? By hunting for them.

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How to select the right digital initiatives for a long term future 

Digital can be incremental within a business through analysis, delivery and iteration. Consider Amazon, founded on the 5th of July 1994, initially began as an online store for books and has evolved.

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The future of work is thinking more and doing less

Potential outcomes are eroded by the work people continue to do that is no longer relevant or will be soon. Technology has enabled this legacy work to endure. 

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Not all digital transformations need to be disruptive

 What are the key factors an organisation needs to consider for the digital future?

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Book extract of Digital Is Everyone's Business (PDF)

Many have digital intentions but are uncertain of what needs to be actioned.


The roles for innovating in the 2020s

In the world of search, past points of differentiation are no longer sustainable.

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AI - Managers and Leaders must seize the opportunities of AI and Automation

It's no secret that digital transformation is changing our world, our workplaces and the way we do business. 

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Savvy tactics for stretched teams

Leaders play a critical role, and this is when good leaders come to fore, through being the lighthouse

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Why digital transformation needs risk management

Risks vary to those in traditional business as issues can be rapidly exacerbated due to the scale of technology.

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Let's talk; New Tech

Considering the digital age that we live in: Can a business survive without an online offering?

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Six Steps To Stopping Innovation Fumbling In Your Organisation 

Innovation is a term overused by leaders and often bemused by employees. 

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Making technology your greatest business ally - podcast

As technology continues to change,  it's important to learn to adapt in order to survive. 

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Our willingness for hard work and global awareness makes me optimistic

David shares his insights into Australian leadership and his own optimism. 

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Facebook this is not the first time, we all should again consider our actions

‘There’s a dark side to everything.' – Prince

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How Responsibilities, Activities and Initiatives can redefine workflow

The demands on your business are unprecedented: the volume of work is ever-growing.

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Let's talk; Ecommence

Is it really possible for a business in 2 to survive long-term without some form of e-commerce? 

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The importance of innovation in digital transition

Avoid treating all initiatives in the same manner; different ideas progress at various rates.

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Episode 102 - Making meaning of our work and how to align teams - podcast

During the conversation Julian explores David’s book, Digital is Everyone’s Business, in detail.

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How To Scale A Successful Business

So your brilliant idea has found a niche in the marketplace. Sales are climbing and it’s time to spread your commercial wings.

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The benefits for Australia beyond emissions for NET ZERO

‘Globalisation will make our societies more creative and prosperous, but also more vulnerable.’ – Lord Robertson

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Episode 181 - interview with Chris Cubbage - podcast

We discuss the framework to manage business transformation, in an adaptable step-by-step approach.

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Episode 141 – The quick and dirty solution to staying ahead of the technology curve - podcast

The digital revolution is not slowing down.  But you don’t have to let that fact overwhelm you.  David has some “quick and dirty” solutions that will ensure your team stays ahead of the curve.

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Episode 1: How goal-setting can steer the course of your business career

 Hear about David's sprawling career in business – from early days in London to returning to Melbourne.  

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Ticker TV and digital innovation

Ticker TV interview with the disruptor Ahron Young who is transforming the news and TV industry.


More coming soon...

There will be new media pieces in 2024 to coincide with the release of my upcoming book, Making Life Happen.

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