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What could business leaders do better?

A third of my employed career (9 years) was working in the Northern Hemisphere highlights included Microsoft and Prudential with exceptionally diverse teams. Information was shared openly, ideas germinated in a peer-based environment, without judgement and sometimes the wackier the idea, the better! The best teams were the ones that shared experience, laughed and reflected. I take this spirit into my client work today.

Christine Kininmonth from The Growth Faculty asked me; "what frustrates me about our business leaders?" I explained; "the Australian economy has performed well for an extended period, we are proud and sometimes parochial. We have an opportunity to learn from others, those abroad." Watch the closed-caption one-minute video below.

The workshops I facilitate freely allow people to be themselves, a sharing of thoughts helping groups of people achieve their potential; they are insightful and practical.

There is a 50% discount on an upcoming Melbourne workshop for all female executives, not just tech. Why beyond the tech? Because the workshops are about thinking and people (minimal tech), also there were several requests after my IWD post!


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