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Mentoring is different to Coaching! Why and what truly works?

People often confuse both and use the terms interchangeably.

A mentor shares their experience; they bring their life’s wisdom. A good coach asks wise questions so you can explore your potential. A poor coach asks poor questions and gives advice when they don't have the experience, avoid these people!

My most rewarding mentoring relationships evolved; I wasn't expecting anything from someone, and surprisingly they received some benefit from what I bought to the conversations.

Also, relationships that span generations and cultures offer an opportunity for unique insights. People can ask delicate questions to gain a greater appreciation of a perspective.

So what works?

🤔 bring an open mind

🦋 be prepared to have yourself challenged, put yourself out there and let your mentor know when you are

👉 avoid all judgement on yourself and what your mentor shares, if you disagree, explore the why as there could some learning

💪 sometimes the best insights are from a mentor’s failures, struggle or what didn't work

🙏 be grateful for your mentor’s insights and respect their time. Aim for a few deep rich interactions rather than lots of frequent shallow ones.

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