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Is your organisation digitally dumb or numb?

What contributes to an organisation being digitally dumb or numb? It begins with ignoring the existing work occurring within it. An earlier blog explained how to assess and remediate non valuing adding work, read here.   Consider this blog a final reminder not to ignore the work!

Digitally “dumb”

  • The digital world can simplify (through automation) but can also complicate. Organisations may miss the opportunity to rationalise the work prior to digitising the work. There is a probability that some organisations will be digitally dumb as they automate work that is no longer, or soon to be no longer, relevant.

  • There is an added layer between the source of the potential problem and those who choose to resolve it. As digital work is not physical work, the instances or frequency of the problem will be amplified.

  • A simple example is hacking an enterprise system that results in the theft of electronic customer records where thousands of people are implicated. Compare this to someone or some people physically breaking into a home, which is traumatic, but far fewer people are affected.

Digitally “numb”

  • There may be some organisations that assess their work, tinker with it, but don’t truly act on it. The quality of work will improve, and the ability to compete in a digital world may be extended; however, this is not existing in the digital world.

It is likely that over time, these organisations will diverge from their potential and become less relevant to their customers.


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