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Your mindset and work – the first stage of DIGITAL

Your mindset and understanding the work completed within the organisation are the first steps to realising your digital potential. We are conditioned by experiences, creating a perspective that influences our thinking, including who does the work and how it is completed. Working with your people to simplify this sets a digital foundation.

There are four types of work completed within an organisation. Undertaking – reactive, traditional work, completed in isolation by a single or few resources, often undocumented. When something breaks that is associated with this work; people are surprised; "I can't believe we are still doing that". This work needs to be assessed and determined if it is critical, if so, how could it be integrated or possibility automated reducing dependencies on specialist resources. Sole Exploring – proactive work completed in stealth, by a single, or few employees who are sometimes sponsored by their manager. These people don't want to be held up by the organisation; the reality is these ideas don't realise their possibility without broader support. This work needs to be shared, assessed for duplicating efforts in other areas and integrated into a strategic program if appropriate. Lounging – the collective community within the organisation rationalises all the reasons not to change and why their industry is different; "we won't be disrupted". The most challenging scenario to treat that requires education, then ownership from the group to take sustained action. Changes in the leadership team may sometimes be necessary. Making Meaning – the place to be, with the external market understood and anticipated or created on occasions. The effort within the organisation is aligned and focused on the customer. Any decision made has the customer in mind. The below picture assists with clarity of how to treat the work and is within the book "DIGITAL is EVERYONE’S BUSINESS", click here for the book.


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