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"DIGITAL IS EVERYONE'S BUSINESS – A guide to transition" was published a year ago.

Much has happened since then; however, the book remains as relevant if not even more relevant now, as it was then.

There are five critical areas for a business to focus to transition to their digital potential.

  • The WORK within an organisation; what is to be stopped, rationalised and prioritised?

  • Transparency of TECHNOLOGY; how does IT involve the business in technology decisions?

  • RELEVANCE; how can people within your business make better decisions and appropriately manage the risks?

  • How to INNOVATE; who are those vendors that will become partners in future business models?

  • DIGITAL potential; where are people interacting, who could be transacting and can this scale?

The book is 150 pages of dense information; those who have read it have told me so. The beauty within the book is the practical nature of the options for actions based on real-world experience.

Click here for the book.


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