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Career anxiety is increasing, and it is hurting your business. What can you do?

Initially, my clients contact me to help them with their tech or digital intent and execution. Shortly after the engagement commencing, they realise that there is an opportunity for their people to benefit from a coaching relationship to uplift their contribution.

At the moment people within organisations are playing it safe, waiting for direction from the top. Some of those at the top are waiting for the market to normalise, it's probably not going to.

By playing it safe, many are limiting their thinking within their role, resulting in actions that are small or insignificant. Employees want to avoid making or being associated with a mistake. Employment security anxiety is a contributing factor.

No one can guarantee anyone’s employment; however, you can help with their contributions that may make their employment more secure.

Explain the expectations to people of their role. Ask how your support can help them in being bolder, experimenting and getting the basics done sooner.

Explore what is to be stopped, what work is habitual and not relevant?

Jointly establish metrics, track efforts, what lead to new outcomes?


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