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Analogies simplify complexity, ICT is like a house

A testimonial from Digital is Everyone's Business - “A really easy and practical read with concepts accessible to all, and written with honesty and humour.” - Dr Lisa Interligi

A lighter and memorable blog as the year draws to a close, with a simple analogy that is effective with non-technical executives; a practical twist about a ‘house’. It works, and yes I have used it!


are the ICT Infrastructure: the data centre and servers, now being replaced by cloud-based services. A poor user experience could be due to unstable foundations, like a wonky floor in a house that needs re-stumping.


is the Network, which intersects with the foundation and allows people to move within the house. Without the frame/Network, the house collapses.

Door and windows

offer access to Applications; some will have different protocols. Just like a house, you can enter some rooms via an open door or perhaps a key. Other doors may be hidden, known only by those who use them.


can be large and fixed, with other pieces you can interact with, like Data. This interaction enables access to information when you are in a room of the house. In some instances, you may only be able to view the furnishings/Data through a window provided by others, like reporting. There is also some portable furniture; you can take it out on the lawn or across the world, such as a Mobile Application.


around the house is Security. Recently the fence has gained height. It is now more like a ‘bubble’ around the property and constantly being monitored.

For those who like a picture, here is a cartoon analogy.


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