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Today is a BIG milestone birthday, what would I tell my 20-year-old self?

Here are twenty things I would tell my 20-year-old self, in no particular order;

  1. Time goes quickly, worry less about acquiring pointless stuff and be more focussed on learning experiences.

  2. Go to university now, don’t wait until you are twenty-five, if you do it now you can be living in London sooner.

  3. Your life partner that you meet at twenty-five is amazing, takes your breath away daily, and more importantly, brings balance into your life.

  4. Make your career your interests, be less concerned about what looks good and more interested in discovering what you love.

  5. Write a book sooner. You do not need to wait until you think you have the experience; start writing now as you will love it, and don’t let your poor grammar or spelling create doubt.

  6. You have a strong intuition; use it more often as it is seldom wrong.

  7. Your love for foreign films and independent music is greater than any other form of entertainment; avoid the mainstream.

  8. People will take advantage of your goodwill and nature, do not rationalise these relationships so you accept them, put them at a distance.

  9. Dawn is the best part of the day; walking at dawn is even better. Go to bed early and enjoy every morning.

  10. Stay out of the sun. You are lucky to find that melanoma on the top of your right foot in the London winter of 2007; others are not so.

  11. Facilitate your children’s passions while making them accountable and accepting of what makes each of them different.

  12. Your gift is the ability to think, becoming people’s confidant, share more of your thoughts in private settings.

  13. Sometimes the best form of exercise is not intensely physical. It is in stillness.

  14. Be even more open earlier to different ideas, cultures, and communities as they invigorate your soul.

  15. Siestas make you incredibly productive. Take them regularly, even during the working week. Many people did in 2020!

  16. The best holidays are the simple ones; hotels are for work trips, reward yourself when achieving a goal by travelling sooner for longer.

  17. European cities are unique. They become even better every time you return. Visit them whenever you can.

  18. Be less controlling of situations, allow things to evolve and conserve your energy for when it really matters.

  19. Silence is special. A home-cooked dinner with the family is even more so.

  20. Try to be in the present; you will always struggle with it, enjoy the moment and worry much less about the future.

Enjoy everything - David


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