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Remote working are you checking "up" or "in"?

Are you “checking up” or “checking in” with your team?

There is a BIG difference; the first indicates a lack of trust and asks somebody to explain what they are doing. The second is how can you help.

I first started remote working in 2001, and I remote worked a lot in the 2000s. I didn’t do as much in the following decade, what changed? I returned from London to Melbourne in 2010. Australian’s don’t trust remote workers as much in other parts of the world, and sadly this may still be the case based on the chats I have had in the last week.

Here are some practical tips for team members who may have a leader “checking up”;

  • Set up a 15 min daily team call talking about the tasks of today

  • Turn on your camera as it stops you being distracted

  • Keep up an to date list of the items you are working on, with a % complete and a forecast date

  • Remote teas or coffees, schedule a call with a colleague

  • Use this time to work on something that requires deep thinking; it could be game-changing.

Remote work provides everyone with the opportunity to think; these ideas could be a great source of future innovation.


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