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Professionally unfulfilled? It can change!

You don’t enjoy your job, working with people who don’t truly ”get you”, and there is nowhere to go in 2020. You daydream of something more meaningful, with greater relevance and purpose.

That job is a small dot when contrasted to your broader life. Your life is the place where there is much promise. Steve Jobs said; “you can’t connect the dots looking forwards, only backwards”.

The dot is a data point, regardless of it being good, bad or indifferent, respect and learn from it. Take the small steps now to create the future you aspire, little things every day, add up to bigger things over time.

Go beyond ”liking” stuff on social media, ”start sharing your stuff”. See what resonates with people, not with 1ks of likes, but with quality interactions, these are the areas of greatest potential.

What are you passionate about? - What do you do better than the average person? - What insights can you share? - Create a digital home of these for your future; it could be a website, blog, vlog, manuscript or a combination?

2020 is providing many with a lot of time; ”the one thing I can't buy”, Warren Buffet. Reflect on what you want to change and take the first steps to realise it.


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