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Latest ANZ leaders view on Covid by Adapt

Adapt are the local Gartner equivalent focussed on solely the ANZ market, and I met them in 2011, their research is relevant and insightful. Their recent research discovered;

The BIG 3 surprises;

- 60% thought they “managed people well” during the crisis, however, 80% of employees are stressed

- Innovation has increased and will receive more funding

- Remote working, only 43% will be making it permanent (big tech company announcements have not influenced mainstream organisations)

Other insights;

- 59% innovation has increased, focus on simple ways of solving existing problems. Proof of concepts to increase

- rethinking what business continuity is, communication and transparency is more important than ever before

- re-strategy on the supply chain, ecosystems, must be secure and dependable, internally teams are looking at process engineering and automation

- 44% employees reported connectivity problems with Wi-Fi, education of security practices for public Wi-Fi and reducing dependency on these types of arrangements

- more funding to move mission-critical applications to the cloud, moving dev environments to the cloud, flow on is expected increase use of advanced analytics and automation capabilities

- renaissance of the CIO with an expectation of the business skills, not the technical skills, CIO’s require a whole of business view like a CFO

- the office will be where we go for the new offsite.


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