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How bold will your executive NOW be?

The Growth Faculty's Christine Kininmonth asked what size of organisation should bring in a digital transition expert? It is not the size but the mindset of the executive of a company that is important, as they will ultimately determine how digitally bold an organisation will be.

Organisation’s have transitioned to digital employee and customer arrangements in record time. Prior to COVID 19 some of the outcomes now achieved would have required a large transformation projects over a year or two with a BIG budgets. Many have proved neither is required.

Executives have now seen untapped digital/technology capability in full flight to meet the demands of the crisis. The question is now; what next can these teams now do for their organisations? This will be up to the boldness of the executive.

Those who are bold are likely to be able to innovate within their industry and migrate the threat of disruption. Those that revert to their former self are now probably at even greater risk of being disrupted.

Organisations will need to ensure there is somebody working with them to determine just how bold they will be beyond COVID 19. Who is that someone for yours?

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