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Digital is more than technology

I delivered a keynote at Adapt's CFO Edge event this week. This is the third event I have participated with Adapt, the second for the year, and the other was one of their first many years ago.

Some key takeaways from the event;

  • Digital stretches beyond the technology team, and everyone is still learning how digital will play out

  • Anxiety with the thought of embarking on a large scale transformation, organisations want alternative approaches

  • Practical application of emerging technology, selecting and implementing what is useful

  • People, successful digital endeavours will be achieved through blended teams of people across their organisations and partners.

Adapt run great events, with CXO attendees, and the agenda is structured to allow for quality interactions between industry peers in break out sessions and breaks. I am looking forward to participating in their upcoming 2020 events.

Big thanks to everyone at Adapt with a special mention for Jim Berry and Matt Boon.

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