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Dear Melbourne Mates; make us PROUD

Melbournians are in lockdown 4. My wife is a nurse at one hospital and a risk manager at another, between her professional demands and home-schooling of 15, 13 and 9-year-old, there have been better years. Try explaining to a 9YO how you keep yourself safe in a COVID hospital.

My year is better, business stalled in March but is now back. It isn't what it was; remote work (AKA home) for a range of clients who are paying for a part of a week / day, but revenues are back.

My Melbourne professional mates are frustrated, and some angry. It is now in conversations, pining for 2019, wanting teams back in the office, posting or liking edgy political articles on LinkedIn. Time for tough love. Wondering why your calls are not returned? Mate, it is not them but possibly YOU!

What you know is less relevant to what you could be experimenting with. There is an opportunity in this chaos, but you need to change. Change the bad habits you have developed in lockdown, the increased alcohol consumption, poor diet and limited exercise.

Change what you are doing to change your perspective, try something different, it may not work, but you might learn something.

Iterate that something, and create your future.


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