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What could digital be for your business?

The Growth Faculty’s Christine Kininmonth asked me can a transition to digital save money?

Microsoft's Satya Nadella last week said;we’ve seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months." 2020 has re-framed everyone's perspectives and as restrictions are being eased across Australia, businesses should assess what is;

  • “Traditional” pre-2020 view, i.e. do we need the amount of commercial property for stores and employees? Unlikely.

  • “Interim” response to 2020 circumstances. Things are working OK but is not sustainable in the longer term. Not all employees will be working remotely permanently but a far greater portion of them could be in the future. What should remain and if tweaked could be of real benefit?

  • “Opportunity” to remediate or differentiate? What are the issues that have surfaced, and how can the gaps be closed in digital arrangements, for example, customer fulfilment? Also what work has not been completed whilst working remotely and was there any consequences? How much work was ritual-based and of limited value, that can now be stopped?

The approach to digital hasn’t changed; if anything it has been accelerated, start by;

  • analysing the work undertaken within them using the above criteria. It is highly likely that some of this work will be able to be stopped or optimised

  • a review of technology investments, existing and future. Are these NOW the right investments?

How will this be done? Who are the people within your organisation that can facilitate this?


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