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10 business launch learnings

CHANGE lead ® launched in 2019, here are 10 learnings.

1. Professional experiences build skills; clients buy skills, not former job titles

2. Skills create services; list them on your website

3. Services don't win clients; empathy does. Your experience offers insight into problems. Talk with empathy and not judgement with your clients, how can you help?

4. Is now the right time to start? We are in a recession. Win clients in this economy, you will in better ones!

5. Avoid overheads but invest in a desk and chair as you will be spending a lot of time there

6. Website, research competitors, your website should be the best in the industry with a ”WHY” clients would engage page, ours is below

7. Prioritise relationships over revenue. People sense revenue hunters. Relationships build reputations; this leads to revenue

8. Create content on LinkedIn, my weekly content is seen by 1ks, some are now clients

9. Discounting, if you do, do it for a short period only. Be clear with your client on this

10. Seek a range of clients and multiple case studies. Avoid long term contracting, don't be a contractor with a business website. Build the business

Be passionate, but BRING YOUR BRAIN with your heart.


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