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You have an exciting new partnership ... have you created a FUTURE COMPETITOR?

There is some conjecture about the 1997 Microsoft $190 million investment in Apple, enabling Apple ”to continue”. Microsoft created a version of Office for the Mac, as part of the agreement to ”increase Apple’s appeal to the mainstream”. Some say that Microsoft saved the company; however, it is probably more like help. In 2010 Apple overtook Microsoft in market capitalisation, it wasn’t until 2018 when Microsoft passed Apple.

Currently, I am working and talking with several organisations, their market has changed, and they also want to change. They are exploring how they could evolve and believe that partnering is the best way to differentiate within their ”new market”. By adding capability instead of building it internally, they can move more quickly.

Every partnership has its own dynamics, you must step back and consider future scenarios. What IP are you giving up? Can this be easily replicated? Is your market growing and could it be attractive for your partner to go it alone? How dependent are you on your partner to maintain your business? What if it didn't work out, could you decouple?

Partnering, just think about it.

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