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Who owns your customer?

Many organisations have moved more of their business into digital partnership models; however, at what consequence?

Your local Thai restaurant is now using a well-known delivery service; a competitor Thai restaurant is on the same application. If the Thai competitor discounted their menu or your favourite dish, would you be tempted? Would you remain loyal to your existing service and if you had the opportunity to reduce the delivery cost? Would you change to an alternative service?

These are little moments of truth, but for big business, their partners could be defining.

Big businesses are now looking at digital partnerships to become more contemporary. Some of these arrangements require data sharing, what are the consequences of somebody having your customers data? How exclusive is the agreement? Could your partner become a competitor or entice a competitor to also enter into a partnership creating more intense competition?

As technologists, we need to make the tech work and also look to protect the future of the business.


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