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Tech execs tips for engaging boards and CXOs

There are three key areas CIOs should cover within their conversations with Executive & Boards and across the business;

  • The FUNDAMENTALS their team is delivering to enable the business to operate

  • What they are contributing to SIMPLIFYING the business

  • The areas they are INNOVATING.

Start the conversation with start with the above structure, tailor the content to the area of interest for the person, offer an insight into how the business runs (processes are always good) and then introduce the role of the technology.

So if you want to talk about the emerging and exciting capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI), consider the specific opportunities within your organisation;

  • Improving FUNDAMENTAL IT capabilities to reduce the probability of service degradation and possibly deliver a cost reduction

  • How a prospect is converted to a customer (through AI anticipating what the next best interaction to move towards a sale is), and

  • How else AI is being explored by the organisation to enable future business models.

Start with an overview and then offer the details when invited.


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