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Small, Regular Steps Lead to Accomplishment and Well-Being - Positive Psychology

Many of my regular readers are aware of my interest in “Positive Psychology” and the work of Martin Seligman. The research established the importance of a sense of "Accomplishment" to our well-being; we must have things we are striving for. Our possible accomplishments are sometimes sabotaged by negative self-talk or avoidance of activity due to a belief. It is often consistent small steps, that move you beyond the stasis. These strides lead to more significant outcomes that you care about or are proud of. As Steve Jobs once said … "You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future." Sometimes at work and elsewhere, we are encouraged to do things to amplify a strength. Note this is different from improving a weakness; many people will seek to mitigate weaknesses rather than master them – that is ok and very sensible. So, what's the difference? Let me give you a personal example …

  • My blog originated in the late 2000s after I was encouraged by some of my international colleagues to share more of my thinking and my team's work. My reluctance to communicate was due to the Australian approach of humility and not getting too BIG for your boots.

  • My public supporting vlog (video) came three years after my public blog was launched in 20I8.

  • A significant personal event forced me to deliver a eulogy via video as I could not attend a funeral due to Covid protocols. I was reminded by somebody close, who said if you can do that, your weekly vlog will be a breeze.

  • The first vlogs sometimes took five to ten takes. But it was something I was encouraged to master as a vehicle for my thoughts, and by doing it regularly, it has become so much easier.

For me, these small steps occur every Sunday just after 10 am when I return from my yoga practice. For whatever reason, it is when my thoughts crystalise. I now love the ritual as the blogs (small steps) build into a book (an accomplishment). There is nothing like seeing a cover wrapped around your thoughts. The point of sharing this story is that sometimes the most rewarding things that have a sense of accomplishment, come from difficult beginnings. So, what do you need to mitigate, or move out of the way so you can take that first small step?

Read more about this in Finding A Better Way.


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