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Respect the Past, but Don't Dwell...

Readers of Making Life Happen have said there's so much in the book that can be practically applied, and that they revisit various sections based on situations they encounter.

In the next month, I'll break out some key sections of the book to enable you to identify or apply some of the principles to your own life. It is important to respect the past, but don't dwell.

Below are six key takeaways from the introduction and chapter one:

  • Firstly, the book is dedicated to my dad, BIG John, and it begins with his beliefs that live on with my sister and me. My favourite is “look forward” - speak fondly of the past but don’t dwell on it.

  • Like some of my earlier writings, you can read this book based on areas of interest rather than sequentially. It is practical. The book is like one of the many books I enjoyed in my childhood with a ‘choose your own adventure’ structure.

  • I choose to be very vulnerable within this book. This willingness to be vulnerable has led to a range of precious life experiences for me. Vulnerability builds resilience and is a strength!

  • Connect your dots; you can only do this by looking backwards. Reflecting on some of my key moments, I realise these are a series of connected dots - you need to step back to see them.

  • Seek out where you can be yourself and are stretched. Be an active part of a connected and supportive community. Your community can be a global one, don’t be limited by geography.

  • There are three natural stages of your professional life. Your twenties are for education, your thirties are for gaining experience, and in your forties, you harvest this experience. Your fifties? My answer is: you choose those things you enjoy!

Next week, I'll break out chapter two - lifelong learning and quality relationships!

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