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Phew, we are now Digital but at what RISK?

Your business just became a digital business, and the risk profile changed.

The three and a half minute video was filmed with 6Clicks TV last month; it is even more relevant now.

Many organisations had been incrementally moving to digital, and the last fortnight Australian organisations raced to it. There are many success stories of herculean efforts in keeping organisations running. Well done and congratulations to everyone.

As we emerge from this frantic period, organisations will need to consider the risk of new customer and employee practices. Who are the best people to assess this? Your employees "IF" they have the know-how and capability. That is a "BIG IF".

Organisations will benefit from a culture of increased transparency with information freely flowing, reducing decision-making cycles. It is likely there will be many new issues within organisations now, and there will be some known controls to manage them. There will be some issues without controls. These issues will require the establishment of controls, and in some instances, controls will be implemented locally by employees. The discipline of maintaining local controls is a risk, requiring close monitoring.

Unfortunately, regardless of all the effort, there will be issues that will hurt businesses, testing cultures. When a situation such as this occurs, if treated as an educational opportunity and not a performance consequence (management) one, the culture of transparency will be sustained. If it is not the free flow of information will reduce, which is likely to have dramatic broader consequences with a remote workforce.

Risk features predominately in my book. If you are interested in receiving a free copy of DIGITAL IS EVERYONE'S BUSINESS, please message me. You can also review the Risk section for free here. I am also offering no-cost 90-minute consults to explore the Risks, message me.


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