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My Social (Media) Life

This year, I have evolved how I use social media, and people have asked me to write a BLOG about it.

So, here it is; my social media life!

I am a committed professional on LinkedIn and support this with some casual professional posting on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I once read that… “social media followers are like frequent flyer points; great until you try and use them”. This quote stayed with me and shaped the types of posts I have shared this year.


Engagement – personal storytelling posts and ones that show support for a great cause create engagement via likes and comments. In the last fortnight, posts about a career anniversary and a community charity cause have driven some likes.

Awareness – these posts share quotes from my books, visuals I use within my workshops, and activity I am involved in - such as speaking at industry events. They don’t typically receive many likes but do help to build awareness of my brand. If I talk with someone interested in how I could help them, they may recall these types of posts.

Education – I use my weekly BLOG to share my thoughts, insights, reflections and experiences, and sometimes incorporate research that relates to the particular topic. As you already know, this week’s BLOG shares my thoughts based on a couple of conversations with people who asked about my social media.


LinkedIn personal page (here) - I mainly use this profile to comment and like posts from those within my network. I don’t post daily on this page, but I am absolutely committed to posting my weekly BLOG with a supporting VLOG on Fridays - something many of my former colleagues and followers have come to expect. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Author page (here) – I post to these pages at least five times a week. I create some posts by cutting my weekly VLOG into snippets. The remaining posts include quotes from my books, the trademarked visuals that I use in my workshops, and testimonials/book reviews from professionals that I am just so proud of. For those that want to follow me more closely, I’m a dedicated ‘story’ poster, including life idiosyncrasies that are not important, but some people enjoy them. Followers include my teenage children, Swinburne alums, former international colleagues, friends, plus various Australian connections. Why not one platform? I have multiple generations and different types of people who interact with my content, and all have their preferred platforms - this is why I use several.


I follow a process, and my weekly time commitment, including writing my BLOG and shooting the supporting VLOG, is no more than two hours. I also link Instagram to my author’s webpage which helps to keep it fresh and dynamic.

Of course, it also helps that my writing is a hobby which I thoroughly enjoy.

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