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Working with CEOs and executives who want to improve their technology investments and technology team’s contribution.


Working with CXOs of organisations, I will improve the value of their technology investments and technology team’s contribution. These organisations tend to be small to medium-sized, are exploring when and how to initiate a range of digital capabilities and are uncertain how best to proceed. I work with these organisations as a virtual CIO for an agreed period, undertaking an initial assessment and then tailoring the service based on the need of the organisation and the expectation of the CXO community.


Mentoring technology executives being CIOs, CTOs and CDOs who are wanting to improve their influence and the performance of the technology team.


Together we commence by reviewing the business strategy, then creating a genuine connection with the technology strategy and team to deliver greater value. The value will be achieved through assessing the existing and proposed project initiatives, reviewing and optimising technology, understanding how services are provided and options for uplift, and mentoring of technology leaders. We will then determine how best to communicate this to the CXO, management and broader organisational communities. The service is focused based upon an initial assessment and an agreed set of objectives.

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Simplifying the complexity through a relevant digital strategy that considers the skills and capability required to achieve the intended outcomes.


Digital is linked with disruption; not all organisations need to be disruptive. This is an essential context as I facilitate a process with selected stakeholders of what digital is for your industry and organisation. Together we will create a relevant digital strategy resulting in a high level of ownership. The process then enters the execution planning phase; assessing the existing skills within your organisation, current technology capability and capacity of teams to deliver. Options for execution will be based on the intent of avoiding considerable future investment through a series of transitions now, avoiding the need for a substantial transformation later.


David has 30 and 45 minute keynotes. He is warm, insightful, relevant with a professional dry wit.


David knows his topic exceptionally well making him a compelling public speaker, having delivered many key notes globally throughout his career at various industry events, client off sites and student events. 



Potential outcomes are eroded by the work people continue to do that is no longer relevant or will be soon.


Imagine having digital-2020 hindsight for the 2020s! This keynote establishes the sensible foundational steps for an organisation to realise its digital potential. 



Teams are stretched and often have an increasing backlog of demand. This keynote introduces a range of tactics for managing during this period.



Things that mattered less in the past, matter more now. Since 1660, my family’s surname has been Banger, pronounced Bain-ger. This was not our family’s original surname. A relative completed a family tree and discovered my distant relatives left France at the time Charles II returned to the United Kingdom upon the restoration of the monarchy. The research uncovered that our family surname was originally Bonjour. This was anglicised to Banger when they arrived in the United Kingdom.


For previous generations, the incorrect pronunciation by people was completely understandable. Although when they were prompted to think ‘danger’, ‘stranger’ or ‘ranger’ when pronouncing Banger … aha! … the intended pronunciation stuck.


Back then, people met more physically. That provided the opportunity for my ancestors to introduce themselves in person and offer the appropriate pronunciation. In an electronic world, the instances of this are considerably less frequent as we all meet electronically prior to meeting physically.

I don’t mind the incorrect pronunciation, in fact, it makes me more memorable. Sometimes I don’t bother correcting it if it is a one-off interaction. However, my children now live in this electronic world. The ‘i’ added to their surname is a small nuance that will save them the endless explanations.


Consider this story a metaphor for my writings. When reading them, think about the nuances, the details, the little things that if left as they are or undertaken overtime, will either subtract from or contribute to much bigger things.


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