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How To Introduce Yourself To Your New Team...

So exciting to see so many people moving between roles and organisations!

Here is how to introduce yourself!

People are naturally curious; how do you explain and share some things about yourself that offers greater insight beyond what is on the web?

Try these topics and tell stories to share something that is not on Google; here is mine!

What is important to you? … my spirituality - is one of my foundations, I practice yoga five to six times a week, and it brings balance to all parts of my life plus improves the quality of my thinking. Most importantly, it has helped me better understand myself and improved me!

Greatest impact … professional stages – a mentor once told me that your twenties are for education, your thirties for experience and your forties for harvesting both. I love applying this learning cycle to gain experience and then considering how it scales.

What motivates me … underdog – my mum passed away when I was six, I then attended eight schools over ten years, never graduating from high school and didn't go to university until I was 25. I studied two nights a week until I was 30 to complete a post graduate course. We arrived in London on September 24, and I couldn't find work for three months. I love being the underdog and life's challenges; I seek these within my roles!

What am I known for? … these three questions after every meeting - my former colleagues know I love asking these after a meeting – What went well? – What could be better? – What are you not saying? – scary for some at first, but people then adjust and become prepared!

What I love? … writing – this blog is a passion, I try and share things that serve the reader and show how I could help if they need it. My writing helps me crystalise my thoughts and creates clarity with my colleagues. I love seeing people engage in it and explore the potential of the ideas.

What would be your questions? ... What would be your stories?

Try it, to build genuine connections.

One of the many insights within Making Life Happen!


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