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"Contemporary Leadership" the Authentic Tone People are Craving

Contemporary Leadership, was first coined in the 1990s; however, the concepts today remain

the same as the initial intent being, modern and inclusive of current thinking.

There are three leadership factors that teams have benefitted from that I have worked with over the past year, these include;

GLOBAL LEADERSHIP LESSONS Learning from what great leaders are now focusing on. The six components of the Believability Index show this, with leaders achieving a balance between;



Shared Values


Commitment and

Follow Through.

Read about Jacinda Arden's celebrated leadership here.


Google’s Effective Teams Study found their most productive teams exhibited these characteristics;

Psychological Safety


Structure and Clarity

Meaning and Impact

This combined with agreed and established team traits, enables teams to sail through the roughest of waters.

Read more about this study here.

MENTAL WELLBEING A leader’s own and others wellbeing based on Martin Seligman’s Positive Psychology consists of;

Positive Emotion (an optimistic outlook)

Engagement (doing something you love)

Relationships (having strong ties)

Meaning (being part of something bigger than ourselves)

Accomplishment (teams and individual outcomes).

Read about PERMA here.

It is not one of these components that help leaders evolve, it is the combination and honest conversation of each to determine how their approach can be developed for greater and more authentic connections with people.

When these insights are gleaned, a leader can effectively communicate about the past with respect – explain the present – inspire a future of greater meaning.

Before you plan your next Leadership day away, consider what outcomes will be of the greatest benefit to your organisation. Avoid the easy option of a love in or junket. Why not challenge the group to think differently?

For many post-pandemic, a different authentic tone of Leadership is the place to start. The challenge for many organisations is engaging someone who can provide insights, create a safe but challenging environment and evolve people’s contributions.

Want to learn more see my Speaker Services here or feel free to contact me.


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