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AI in Construction and Other Low Margin Industries

There’s an industry that spends less than 1% of revenues on Tech… and AI can help!

Recently, I’ve been receiving enquiries from Construction and Engineering companies about how they approach AI. 

These companies are notorious for spending below 1% of revenues on technology; other industries average 3 to 5%. McKinsey research indicates that only the Agriculture industry is less digitised.

AI is having these businesses challenge their traditional models. My study with MIT and experience over the last 18 months have taught me to go narrow and where businesses should focus.   

1. Differentiation - creating or amplifying their better products or services, including incorporating new features that were never possible. 

2. Focus – helping companies understand and address the unique needs of niche customers or situations!

3. Cost Leadership - to reduce costs by improving operations.  

There are three factors to consider:

AI implementation goes beyond deploying a specific technology. Those who have successfully scaled solutions across an enterprise have a Strategic Plan, Principle and Policy documentation. They’ve educated their people, established clear data management practices and have a list of specific AI projects with timelines.

For those who work in the Construction and Engineering industries, AI offers a genuine payback when planned appropriately; it’s like what cameras on smartphones did for site diaries, but on a much larger scale. 

AI will be leveraged differently across the industry's life cycle to win tenders through differentiation, project delivery with focus, and asset management through cost optimisation.  

I’m now engaging several construction and engineering organisations specifically on AI. 


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