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A data centre in a shipping container

Today I had the privilege to MC, keynote and chair a lunch for DXN as they opened their new Sydney data centre and shared their story of how they DESGN | BUILD | OPERATE data centres on the edge. The photo is of the Honourable Paul Fletcher Minister for Communications, Cyber Safety and the Arts, Matthew Madden CEO of DXN and me.

Imagine a shipping container, with a door into a data centre that is certified and patented. This is cutting edge technology for the edges of the world and DXN have clients in many parts of the world. It’s like Dr Who’s tardis being transformed into a fully functioning mobile data centre.

These type of services are important for many enterprises as they strive to achieve their digital potential. Remote populations benefit with the ability to access information, interacting and transacting with it. With organisations being able to create scale across many locations. The combination of these technology innovations are the ingredients to a successful digital ecosystem.

Consider some of DXN’s multiple ‘edge clients’ –

  • Synergy Power and the demolition of the Kwinana power station with a multi faceted requirements to keep services running, the solution consisted of racks and UPS with battery back up. This was only possible through a range of DXNs unique patents!

  • The design and manufacture of three 20ft modular data centres that were ISO certified for Resolute Mining for a site in Queensland and another abroad in Western Africa

  • APEC summit in Papua New Guinea for summit delegates and media, 1000s of people experienced an uninterrupted and seamless technology experience

  • The designing and construction of two modular sites in the Cook Island for Avaroa Cable Ltd, these sites connected Samoa, Niue, Rarotonga, Aitutaki, Tahiti and Bora. Some places many of us have not heard off now have services that many of us take for granted.

It was fascinating and inspiring to learn about DXN, an innovative Australian company that looks to have a very exciting future.


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