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Only 5 women in Australia's top 50 CIOs

Today is International Women's Day, we have made some good progress but still have more work to do. I aspire for a world where my daughters have available the same opportunities and rewards as everyone. There are only five CIOs who are women in the in Australia's top 50 CIOs; we will all benefit from a higher representation of women on this list.

As one of the original male champions of change (at KPMG in 2011), I supported women before then and have continued to. I have one-day workshops for technology executives; my clients love them! I am offering a 50% discount on a workshop for all female CIOs and technology executives.

I just need 10+ participants. It will be somewhere in Melbourne.

For those of you that would like to learn more about me before committing visit

Feel free to message me.


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