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Your customers, have you made them vulnerable?

Your customers, have you made them vulnerable?

Thanks to everyone who has made contact with me in the last fortnight, I have thoroughly enjoyed chatting with former colleagues, professional friends and clients. These conversations have had a common thread of how we can help one another.

I am grateful to all those customers who took the time to provide their testimonials for our new case study page at the updated CHANGE lead ® website, here

Everyone I have spoken with have had their organisation commenced new working practises enabling continuity of operations. People’s thinking is now shifting to what potential vulnerabilities have been introduced due to these new arrangements. What could be the consequences?

A common area of concern is customer data, and how secure is this now? Customer data breaches have a significant reputation impact, there have been some big instances in the past, here are the top 15

Here is a useful privacy document from ThoughtWorks that can help with a practical and appropriate security policy here


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