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YES to Zoom, Parent Teacher interviews

Just completed my son’s parent-teacher interview. He is in grade three 👦, and we receive his report via a mobile app 📲, he is the last of our children at the local state primary school 🕍.

The school implemented its parent app several years ago, with plenty of teething challenges 😳 , but it is now all working well. The teacher🧔apologised for not meeting physically for our chat this evening.

Although our children returned to school three weeks ago, I hope we don't return to those in-person meetings, hovering outside the classroom in the middle of winter ❄️ and all up losing an hour or so.

Also, I think of all those parents who travel for work to various locations ✈️ which couldn't do these interviews in the past. I was one of those, and ironically I could now attend, but don't need too!

I reminded Mr Cripps to let Mrs Plum the principal know that some of these remote practices are good!

Let's keep them👌; BTW remote learning is not one we want to return 🤞.


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