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Why Should You Read Any of My Three Books?

Over the weekend, we sent the final proofread manuscript for Making Life Happen, including the nineteen cartoon pictures, to the publisher.

It’s an exciting time as they turn the ugly duckling into a swan!

I’m proud of my trilogy of books; they are all different, and here’s why you should consider reading one:

To be published next month, Making Life Happen explores how to realise your professional and personal potential. Close to fifty anecdotes offer pragmatic steps for the reader to create the future they want. After hundreds of conversations about what has enabled a fulfilled life, I wrote this book for those who asked me to put all these thoughts in one place!

Finding A Better Way was co-written with my editor, Michelle Stevenson. We explore systemic global, regional, professional and family trends backed by two hundred pieces of research. It also contains some personal stories. This book offers perspectives encouraging the reader fresh perspectives, enabling them to think about how they can positively influence things they care about!

Digital Is Everyone’s Business was my inaugural book, encouraged by a long-term industry friend (thanks, TJ) after they read a white paper on the topic. There are fifteen internal CXO testimonials citing the usefulness of content. This book is for any executive (technical or business) who wants to practically transition their business from analogue to contemporary practices.

I have poured my head and heart into each of these books, and I’m so looking forward to hearing from people of how Making Life Happen impacts them.

Message me if you'd like to receive an early copy!

View all my books here.


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