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What Makes You Memorable?

Everyone has something that is their differentiator.

What’s yours?

How does it show up?

What do people constantly return to you for?

I’ve been doodling on whiteboards for decades to convey thoughts, summarise thinking and set direction.

My former colleagues will chuckle; if I’m near a whiteboard, I can’t help myself.

My upcoming third book, Making Life Happen, includes over a dozen doodles. I now have approximately thirty of these created by my writing. They are cartoon-like and intended to convey a message as simple as possible.

Some of these cartoons were inspired several decades ago. A colleague at Microsoft strongly encouraged me to pop them in a short book I have made for some of my workshops.

Several months back, an international US-based CIO caught up for a casual chat; he opened his satchel, smiled and pulled out my booklet of cartoons, saying he still uses these with his team.

My drawings (check them out in my video accompanying this blog) look like a child has created them - which is part of the point.

I’ve found when you’re talking about serious stuff, you need to lighten the tone, as it makes for a more memorable and engaging talk.

What makes you memorable?

What comes easy to you but is more difficult for others?

You may know this already. If you do, I encourage you to cultivate it!

If not, continue to explore what it could be. Once you find it, you can communicate complexity with simplicity.


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