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We Approach Our Career Differently During Each Stage of Life - SCARF Model

Over a decade ago, I learnt about The SCARF Model developed by David Rock.

Throughout my career, I’ve subconsciously applied it.

The SCARF Model involves five domains of human social experience: Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relations, and Fairness.

Here’s how they’ve played out for me:

Status - In my mid-thirties, as I was building my career, I sought internationally recognisable organisations and leadership roles within these businesses.

Certainty - I studied two nights a week during my late twenties. It was important I had stable employment as my wife and invested in our future.

Autonomy - During my late forties, with teenage children and established expertise, my time with my family was important to me, and I set up a small advisory business to achieve this!

Relations - After several years at an international business in London, I had the opportunity to move to other roles in different companies. Still, I chose to stay at Microsoft due to my wonderful colleagues.

Fairness - Unfortunately, throughout my career, I have seen the interpretation of employment law not undertaken with its intent. I can see why some people have felt aggrieved and left their employers.

More on The SCARF Model, including the cartoon above, are in "Making Life Happen" - due to be published next month.


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