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The MAGIC of a Life Partner

The right person can lift you up, enable you to achieve some things sooner than expected, and be there when life throws you a curly one.

I rarely speak about my personal life within the blog. However, many readers have said they found great clarity in chapter three of Making Life Happen - “Your Life Partner”.  

Here are some of my personal reflections.

  • My career has been enabled by the support of my wife, who has had a successful career in the health industry. Your partner needs to be your greatest champion.

  • The choices you make in your twenties, when many people enter serious relationships, profoundly impact your life. Many scenarios are untested, and you don’t honestly know how someone will respond in a particular moment until you are in it together. So ask lots of open questions, and explore one another. Early dating should be easy, as it sets the foundation for life’s inevitable challenges.

  • Be prepared to dig into difficult topics, together. My wife & I have always walked and talked on these outings, explored many topics and created plans together. These plans have included clear actions that ultimately made the life we lead today.

  • Travel is a beautiful, shared experience, do it often and keep it simple. If you relocate, it can deepen your relationship as you face common challenges together and create wonderful memories. We spent a decade in London; it was difficult at times but so rewarding, too!

  • We set out on a shared path and achieved a range of goals by taking actions. As we have continued to mature, we have avoided setting new year’s resolutions. We tend to have some interests that we want to explore.

  • Take the time to celebrate BIG milestones (birthdays and anniversaries) and reflect on things. What wisdom acquired could be considered as guidance for your children? Our children love the stores my wife shares.

Check with your partner before you share anything like this in a blog or on social media. The above is approved by my partner and so are our stories in the book. :-)

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