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The blog is evolving with videos

Last week I sent out a blog with a one-minute video, and some of you really liked it; thanks for the kind messages.

Not everyone clicked on the video, and you can watch it below. If you are worried about clicking on it from your corporate PC, use your smartphone. I hope to include a short video in every blog from now on, and yes, I am creating these.

I continue to receive questions about how to write a good blog? Here are some tips of what I have learned after blogging for over a decade.

Limit your words to no more than 300; the average person can read this in under a minute. Try to send your blog at the same time weekly; mine is the last working day of the week at 10.30 am.

Be specific. Avoid the temptation of adding too much value by condensing multiple topics into one blog. Include a thoughtful visual to create interest or anchor the message.

Have a home for your content. If you have not registered your name as a domain (i.e., do so now and explore an emailing service. People ask what I use; my author's website is on WIX and Mailchimp for the blog. They are not too geeky; try the free versions to determine if you like them.

Do I coach blog writing, video and website creation?

Potentially, I am experimenting with one client at the moment. I have found it is like having a personal trainer; the outcome will only be as good as an individual's regular participation.

Feel free to ask any more questions (email me at, and please share your thoughts on the videos (what was good and what could be better) as I evolve them into my blogging!

Thanks for reading and now watching!


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