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Thanks to everyone in Melbourne

A photo of my wife this Sunday morning who is off to do a 12-hour triage shift at a hospital’s accident and emergency department. Nicole, like many in the health care industry, loves her hospital community and caring for people. Our family’s worry about her going to work has dramatically reduced as the daily infection rates have fallen, 21 on Saturday for Melbourne, Vic.

Thanks to everyone for following the guidance set out (this is NOT a political post), Nicole and her many colleagues are very grateful. Some of them have witnessed how devastating this virus can be; they have nursed people of all ages who are terrified due to breathing difficulties. They have held iPads as family members sad their goodbyes to their loved ones in their final moments.

Nicole’s hospital has also implemented some sensible tech in recent months; staff can now receive alerts and pick up shifts via a smartphone app and complete a digital questionnaire before arriving at the hospital. A QR code is provided, and entry is quick without people all hovering near an entrance.

Thanks, everyone, stay safe and stay the course.


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