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Set Intentions and Not Annual Resolutions

Around eighty per cent of people fail to sustain their New Year’s resolutions.

I've shifted away from making news year’s resolutions to setting intentions throughout the year.

So what do you need to consider when setting intentions?

  • Those who have sustained their careers are very transparent about the state of the current situation (whatever that may be) and why the future is exciting. They are also continually evolving into the best version of themselves.

  • It is easy to drift, to allow one day to roll into another and weeks, then months, pass by quickly. It would be best if you chose to commit to some things. These things may or may not be public, but they should consider your bigger picture.

  • People’s fears are diverse. When I ask friends and former colleagues about their concerns, their responses vary greatly. Acknowledge your fears and how they may keep you static, and be prepared to challenge the reasons why you may resist what you would love to do!

  • Be positive and specific. Research indicates that if you tell your brain something has occurred, it cannot determine if it has or hasn’t. Your subconscious will then start to respond to that event, whether it’s real or imagined. Inversely, by changing your consciousness, you can begin thinking about things differently.

  • A dream without a plan remains a dream. My intentions have actions sitting within them. Lack of planning relates to not only the creation of a plan but also the quality of the plan. A plan with meaningless actions that fail to deliver an outcome is pointless.

  • It's important to pause occasionally. It is easy to move to your following action or objective but miss the opportunity for a moment of reflection.

  • There's another aspect you may have to contend with as you seek to create change: your demons. When they emerge, they will hit you squarely in the face and make you feel sick in the stomach. We all have demons. What are they? They are events that have resulted in a belief, attitude or choice of actions that is not constructive or healthy.

It's easy to skim over this blog and do nothing…

Stop. Reflect for a moment. What could be two or three intentions for you?

What would be your initial actions?

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