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Optimising Your Resources as We Remain at Full Employment

Many countries worldwide remain close to full employment. Australia forecasts the unemployment rate to be around 4.25% in 2025 due to a stronger-than-expected economy here.

Hiring the appropriate skilled resources will continue to be challenging.

Leadership teams are looking to optimise outcomes, and the ‘rule of thirds’ within Digital Is Everyone’s Business / A Guide to Transition can help!

There are ‘three types of roles’ within organisations:

Technically critical - roles that are technically critical. Automation presents opportunities to rationalise multiple roles in the same area.

Leadership critical - this is not about the executive, but key leadership roles within the organisation. Some roles may not manage people, but could offer thought leadership or capability. How can these roles be scaled and expand their expertise? 

Other roles - these are the roles that are involved in the work but are not critical to it. They ‘swim with’ initiatives rather than being ‘key’ to them, potentially increasing the drag on initiatives through additional conversations offering limited value. They may be involved due to their legacy technology knowledge rather than current knowledge, and their involvement is habitual rather than critical. Look to upskill and redeploy the people within these roles!

The visual in my video shows how to invert a traditional approach to creating roles by beginning with:

  1. Prioritising and aligning valuable INITIATIVES  

  2. Challenging current ACTIVITIES to be eliminated and then automated

  3. Have a greater focus on fewer, more meaningful RESPONSIBILITIES 

An organisation’s mindset will determine its progress - for more on this, my blog from November is well worth revisiting!

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