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My Blogging Journey

This week is a milestone – my 100th Mailchimp blog – which my social media team became very excited about. Since 2019 I have employed somebody to help me so I can bring greater value to my clients through my writing.

Here are ten frequent questions about my blogging:

What was the catalyst for my blogging?

At Microsoft, I received feedback that I wasn't globally visible (I was working my butt off, so this hurt). Someone suggested I start blogging – which I did, albeit on an ad hoc basis. The seed was planted…

When did I start my weekly blogs?

At John Holland, the legendary CEO Glenn Palin gave me one piece of advice when I started as CIO, “Communicate, communicate and communicate some more”. So, I picked up blogging again and some of my weekly readers have been with me since January 2013!

What has been my favourite blog?

In 2018 I began a series of blogs that some great people read. One of these people suggested I consolidate them into a white paper or possibly a book. Because of this suggestion, “Digital Is Everyone's Business was published in 2019. Thanks, TJ.

What inspires my blog topics?

The catalyst for my writing could come from my clients, the media, an interaction in my network, or an opportunity or challenge that a business is having. During 2022, a great client said my blogs have complemented my speaking engagements with them, seeing them as a wonderful value add. I also ghostwrote several of their global company blogs and I think this is one of my great differentiators.

Is it difficult to write every week?

It is a habit now, and on occasion unexpected therapy. I even write on my holidays - sometimes several blogs that make my eventual re-entry to work easier 🙂

What tip would I give someone who was thinking of writing a blog?

Start now! Don't worry about perfection, just share your thoughts and you might be amazed at who chooses to interact.

What makes me smile about my blog?

Through the LinkedIn algorithm, I can see who has likely read my blog, even if they haven’t interacted with or commented on it. I love knowing that some of these readers are really senior people and former colleagues.

What surprised me about my blog?

When I started my advisory business, I was pleasantly surprised that some clients decided to contact me because they had been reading my content.

What was my toughest blog to write?

The one about my dad. He passed away earlier this year, and he loved that I had written a couple of books. I wrote about the legacy he has left in my family through his role modeling. I was greatly touched when many clients and former colleagues sent me messages about this. Here is the blog on BIG JOHN. It was his birthday on Monday 14 November (this week), so it is nice to share this again.

What has changed since I started writing the blog?

Content consumption has moved from reading to watching. In early 2022 I started sharing a weekly VLOG (video blog) alongside my written blog. This was after a mentor challenged me to lift my game! This has greatly improved my talking-to-camera skills – especially for someone so used to an in-person audience!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. Every ‘like’, comment, or message is special, and I hope I can continue to offer some value to you.

One of the many learnings included within Making Life Happen.


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