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My 2021 is a real mix - Infrastructure Nation - CHANGE lead client work - a new "BETTER" book!

A BIG start to the year!

Infrastructure Nation has appointed me as their Chief Digital Innovation Officer, here is their announcement and CIO Australia kindly reported on this appointment, here.

This year will be a mix between;

  • my work at Infrastructure Nation that includes the launch of a Digital Innovation Services and Technology. Our first global partnership is with Rail Diary

  • CHANGE lead ® client work consisting of coaching, workshops, and keynotes continue. Our client portfolio and industries continue to expand, I will share more about this during the year

  • a new "BETTER" book out in March that I have co-written with the very talented Michelle Stevenson. We think there is a different way to be BETTER. Our book explores new ideas for our country, workplace, community and family. Packed with over 150 pies of research, some points of difference between a Gen X male and Gen Y female, and some personal stories.

Byron Connolly from CIO Australia kindly asked me these questions for his article, some of them didn't make the final cut, but they could be of interest!

Can you tell me a bit about Infrastructure Nation and some of the key projects you will be working on this year?

Infrastructure Nation was founded in 2015 and has grown to over 50 staff offering services to major construction and engineering companies, governments, local authorities and Transport Operators in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the UK. Digital Innovation Services and Technology (DIST) is the next Infrastructure Nation's growth phase. The DIST team will soon be fifteen people strong, working on establishing technical services for several clients, and Rail Diary is our first technology strategic partner. Rail Diary, founded in the UK, has successfully simplified project management within the rail industry internationally and we are looking forward to the Australian launch in February.

Also, have you replaced anyone?

The role was newly created, after resolving an Infrastructure Nation's client request. David worked with the Infrastructure Nation and client team, leading them to develop a unique solution and service. David and the team are now expanding our DIST through strategic services that simplify and modernise our client's technology.

How big is your tech team and who do you report to?

David will report directly into the CEO Richard Stewart, his former colleague at John Holland.

Also, why did you take the role?

"The opportunity to work with some brilliant former colleagues in an industry I enjoyed immensely was too good to pass up. I can also continue with some other passions, including my private coaching, workshops, keynotes and writing in my CHANGE lead® business. My second book will be published in March, exploring the things we can do to better our lives."


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