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Making the Most of Everything

Making the most of everything.

Several people have asked me how Making Life Happen will contribute to my keynotes and workshops … a lot, actually! 

The book is enriched with over twenty captivating visuals, carefully selected based on the appreciation they garnered when shared with many people over the past six years. 

These visuals are not just illustrations, but powerful tools that will enhance your understanding and engagement for meaningful action in my keynotes and workshops.

Here are some of my messages delivered within these visuals:

1. What's important to you will be relevant; don't be distracted by the noise!

2. Your professional experiences have clear phases; link and build these.

3. There are differences between a coach, mentor, and counsellor. Know who you are talking to and for what reason.

4. Assess and project where you want to be across your life, and set clear actions to close the gap.

5. Research indicates that New Year’s resolutions fail; the reasons why are varied, but living a life of intentions will result in the change you want to make. 

6. When explaining something, try to talk about the situation rather than people. Respect the past, explain what you want now and invite people to help.

7. What you do for a vocation is likely to have some key activities, some complexity that needs simplifying, and areas of exploration so that you evolve. Focus on all three elements. 

8. Seek feedback from those who are informed about what you are doing. Ask what’s going well, what could be better and what is being left unsaid. Feedback is information - choose what you think is important to take on and possible. 

Making Life Happen is now a month old and remains #1 in several categories on Amazon. You can still buy the Kindle version here for only $1 USD.

The paperback version is also now available; head here to order a signed copy.

Finally, if you’re gathering your people for an event or workshop and want to achieve genuine engagement and meaningful actions while uplifting the mood, let's chat about how I could help make something memorable.


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