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Making Considered Career Choices

An evening four weeks ago, I was at a Swinburne alum event and I was asked about career choices.

Over 100 graduates attended, and I am always super impressed by how interpersonally skilled every one of them is. It is probably due to the two job placements for real-world experience within the course. The practical application of knowledge is at the core of Swinburne.

There are always lots of questions. This was asked several times: “How do I weigh career opportunities?”

The MoSCoW method is a requirements-gathering framework for software but can easily be applied to career decisions.

One of the most significant roles that defined the second half of my career was at Microsoft. When I was looking for a role in London in 2006, I was very focused on what I needed at the time and applied MoSCoW to help me.

Must have (non-negotiables)

I wanted to work for an international company with a large office in London.

Should have (important but not vital)

Ideally, the company should have emerging business models that could be applied across industries. (I wasn’t specific on technology, but it was an industry I identified).

Could have (desirable, not as important as Should have)

A range of internal development programs that would stretch and grow me!

Won’t have (definitely not)

A UK business only; I wanted to expand my horizon with international colleagues.

Feel free to share this with someone weighing up their career opportunities.


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