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Champion your favourite local businesses #makeitpublic

The last week has presented challenges and they are likely to continue.

I am a passionate supporter of small businesses; they are interesting and bring diversity to our community. These businesses are now under significant threat, many have worked tirelessly to initially establish and then grow. At this time, we should all adopt a local business we love, supporting them with our continued consumption of their service and be their champion.

My local much-loved yoga studio is now a small GLOBAL business, from this weekend their classes are available to the world. The Australian dollar is at the lowest point for decades, making it attractive for those abroad.

The quality of the classes, their affordability and the opportunity to be part of welcoming community is what Tidal Flow hopes will allow them to trade through this period, there will be many other businesses that you frequent will now more than ever before require your support.

As these businesses move to an online service, share them with your global community, make them a small GLOBAL business.

Photo of Karen Shelton at her Tidal Flow Yoga studio webcasting a class.


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