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Lessons in Life-Long Learning

Many people spend five days of the week at work - a huge chunk of our time.

I've always thought about how work can positively contribute to my life, without being what my life is all about.

Here are some things to consider as you grow and move into a rewarding career:

  • I once remember watching a professional athlete explain that her coach said her training should be done in thirds – a third that was great, a third that was good, and the final third challenging. Find a coach that knows how to strike the balance.

  • What can a great coach do? A great coach knows how and when to ask questions. Some people know when to ask the question, but their question is poor. Others know how to ask the right question but not at the right time.

  • There is a difference between coaching, mentoring and counselling. Coaching looks forward, mentoring is an experience exchange and counselling analyses the past. Be mindful of who you engage for what!

  • Be specific about what you want from your coach. There are different types of coaches, such as; industry – technical – role specific – skills – life.

  • So, what should you consider when engaging a coach? Chemistry and trust, for starters. You must feel that you can share what you need to with your coach and that they will be discreet with this information. If an organisation has engaged a coach for a range of employees, it is worth checking to see how confidential your conversations will be!

  • Consider using the Wheel of Life, to measure of where things are now and where you would like them to be. The spokes within the wheel consider career, finances, health, friendships, fun, etc. These can be great inputs into your coaching conversations.

  • Apply the MoSCoW framework when considering a new role. Consider the M – Must have, S – Should have, C – Could have, and W – Won’t have aspects.

The above are six key takeaways from Chapter 2 of Making Life Happen. There's so much more in this chapter that will help you reflect and define what you want.

Know somebody who needs a quality coach or mentor?

Here's to ... Life-Long Learning!


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