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Leading Strangers to Fresh & Meaningful Outcomes. Creating Positive Workplaces

I have facilitated thousands of people at workshops, and I now confidently know what is of great value to the participants!

You may have read the blog I published a few weeks ago about how I use engaging visuals as my point of difference when leading my workshops.

There are three visuals in particular, which feature in my upcoming book Making Life Happen, that I’ve found always resonate with people.

Strategy – doing something for the business

During the late 2000’s, I met many CIOs across Europe. Those with successful strategies had something in common. They established strong technology foundations, were striving to simplify how their organisation did business and always took the time to explore the potential of emerging technologies!

Collaboration – doing something with others

In every session I've facilitated over the past five years, I set some ground rules of having an open mind, active participation and respectful conversation about complicated topics. Some teams have made these their principles of how they now operate.

Growing – doing something for yourself

A mentor once explained to me our twenties are for education, our thirties for gaining experience, our forties for harvesting your experiences, and I've found my fifties are for doing what I love. Regardless of your age, these stages are always worth checking for!

The above are three cartoons in my upcoming third book, Making Life Happen; read about it here.


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